Monday, March 21, 2011


Once again In lowsec I came upon this relatively new pirate corporation who have seem to have taken up residence in my old stomping grounds (I posted about their CEO's Cynabal last week). This time they had a decent gang together, consisting of Tempest, Hurricane x2, Harbinger, Myrmidon, Drake, Vigil, and Thrasher. I decided I could probably do some damage to them If I could get them to aggress me on a gate In my Vagabond, and a few minutes later they did exactly that.

I aligned and burned out with MWD immediately to quickly gain range, I'm sure the tempest had at least 1 heavy neut fit, and I didn't want ANY part of that in my Vagabond. The Vigil quickly burnt out after me and tackled me despite having to GCC for it. It would have been only a matter of time before the gateguns vollied the Vigil but before they had a chance to cycle to him, I nailed him with my medium neut, warrior 2's and managed to hit him with some 220 Autocannon vollies because he foolishly burnt strait at me. He went down quick and I went back in to engage the rest of the gang. I locked up one of the Hurricanes who was moving away from his gang, and had gategun aggro and went to work on his shields. As soon as he realized his situation though the Hurricane began burning back towards his friends, including the Tempest with his potential heavy neut that I was afraid of. I had to let him go and switch targets, I quickly switched to the thrasher who had just GCC'd on me as well, and set my drones on him, but again he immediately burnt towards his gangmembers and began chewing on my drones.

I found myself 50km out with no one in range, when they started all warping off the gate, I overloaded my MWD and burnt strait at the gate now, hoping to catch a straggler left behind with gategun aggro, but I failed to do so. In the excitement of fighting 1v8 I lost track of the situation and the enemy gang did the right thing and left ASAP. If I had remained closer to the gate I would have at least killed 1 Hurricane and the Thrasher but I was too caught up in surviving at the time to realize the damage I could have done. I was kicking myself afterward, that fight could have been so much better, but because of my mistakes all i have to show for it is a Vigil kill...

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